We’ve Been Hacked!

The other day I tried to add a new post on this blog, only to discover that it had been hacked. What I have since learned is that WordPress is vulnerable to hacking and malware–something that I did not know when I came over from Blogger.

Since I’m not keen on hackers I’m migrating this blog back to Blogger. While some may argue that it’s not as good as WordPress, it has one distinct advantage. It’s secure.

This blog will remain on WordPress until July 5. Meantime I have the new Blogger edition up, so if you’d like to subscribe, (your option, of course), there is a link to allow you to do so. I’m using my old URL, www.mytimelesscuisine.com,  for the new host, but it will eventually switch over to rosiesrivetingrecipes.com.

Sorry for the interruption, and I’ll see you at the new home for Rosie’s Riveting Recipes.